New Hires



             Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting.

Migrating accounting information is not your typical DIY project. Our QuickBooks Data Conversion experts can do the heavy lifting for you to focus on running your business. We know how to work with your accounting software so that when we import the data into QuickBooks, it is set up the right way from the start. If your business is currently using costly software, difficult to use, or lacks key functionality, let us show you how to save time and money by migrating to QuickBooks.

  • Phase 1:   Determine product(s) needed
    It may include QuickBooks Enterprise, Advanced Inventory, Point of Sale, or other third-party add-on products. Our focus is to keep clients in QuickBooks for the accounting department and find solutions to help run the rest of the business.

  • Phase 2:   Template file setup
    This process requires developing the proper workflow to make QuickBooks fit your business like a glove. You may want to be doing a double entry in your old system and the new QuickBooks file during this time. You pull data from your old system, including reports such as Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, P&L, balance sheets by month, and any other data that needs to move over.

  • Phase 3:   Go live and train your team
    Training your team is crucial to ensure that your company successfully transitions to the new software. QBO is known for its training; we have more than 200 training videos available because we want all QuickBooks users to succeed, even if they aren't our clients. During file conversion, our training is custom to your business and is done live in person or via webinar.

  • Phase 4:   Close the books and review financials
    This process helps us determine if there are any other additional data or monthly reports you need to run your business.

  • Phase 5:  Follow up and maintenance
    We'll let you run the software for a month and then check-in and see how things are going. We'll try to nip them in the bud if you're having problems. We also encourage ongoing monthly/quarterly closing services to help you stay on track.