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Esther Dawkins Accounting Services., LLC

How May We Support Your Team?

We take the time to get a 360-degree view of your company. We work closely with you and your team to ensure we leverage the best possible financial solutions and identify opportunities for your business.

In the 2018 Client Accounting Services Survey (CAS), and asked 1,700 different
businesses what they thought of outsourced accounting services.


Here’s what the survey revealed:   80%  of clients that use virtual accounting have more time.

                                                              79% of leaders would refer their outsourced accountant.

                                                              53% of clients say they no longer worry about mistakes.

                                                              30% say that their virtual accounting service has made them more                                                                    profitable.

We provide accounting and bookkeeping services designed to overcome obstacles and grow a successful business.  
We will provide you with more than financial statement...  

We we’ll show you how to use your numbers to control expenses, stay compliant with state and federal and tax regulations, while making smart business decisions, we’re ready to work with you and your team to take your business to the highest level posible. 

Group Meeting

Our Services


Accounting Services

Make intelligent business decisions guided by expert accountants. We’ll do the heavy lifting to create and analyze your month-end financial statements and reconciliations.


Bookkeeping Services

Keep your books in order. Virtual bookkeepers will organize your information, from performing data entry to carrying out core operations such as processing invoices and bill payments. 


Outsource CFO

Scale successfully with a business growth strategy developed by an outsourced CFO. Grow your workforce, expand your business, and even prepare for acquisition! 


Controller Oversight

Leverage the strategic oversight and accountability provided by controller services. Trust a controller as your partner to execute your company’s financial strategy.

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