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Esther Dawkins Accounting Services, LLC


Delivers complete Accounting Services that transform the burdens of the highly-regulated cannabis industry that faces strict sales tracking guidelines and other government regulations that make managing accounting processes a challenge. cannabis businesses that do not have a comprehensive tax and accounting understanding of concepts such as section 280e and cost accounting are less profitable than those that do. Cannabis companies have specific accounting and tax questions that many accounting firms are struggling to answer our goal is to give your leaders, clients, and members greater insight into the key performance indicators that drive your goals and the peace of mind of complying.


We provide accounting and bookkeeping services designed to overcome obstacles and grow a successful marijuana business.  Our cannabis team gives you more than dry financial data, we’ll show you how to use your numbers to control expenses, stay compliant with state and federal tax regulations, and make smart business decisions, we’re ready to serve your business at the highest level. 



Accounting for the Cannabis Industry

  • Specialized accounting and bookkeeping

  • Assistance in forming a legal business structure

  • Audit-ready financials

  • Monthly reconciliations of POS data

  • Reconciliations of seed-to-sale tracking systems with QuickBooks

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Record monthly transactions

  • Review general ledger and reconcile balance sheet accounts

  • Evaluate and refine internal controls

  • GAAP cost accounting

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We Serve These Cannabis Businesses 

Marijuana Growers

Our accounting and tax services are affordable for cultivators, warehousing, and greenhouses. We'll monitor your finances so you can stay focused on running your business. When we have your back you'll be confident that your books are always ready if you're hit with an audit.


Cannabis Dispensaries and Retailers

Medical marijuana dispensaries, distributors, and retailers keep expenses in check and optimize profits when they work with us. We'll develop a plan to decrease your tax burden so you can keep more of your profits at tax time.

CBD and Hemp Businesses

Hemp processors, CBD product manufacturers, and other cannabis-related businesses keep their finances organized and save money on taxes when they partner with us. With our assistance, your business will run smoothly and budget for expansion.

Manufacturers and Processors

Cannabis processing companies spend more time running operations and finding new customers while we oversee the financial side of the business.


Cannabis Ancillary Businesses

We help a wide variety of businesses that support the cannabis industry, including secure transporters, safety compliance facilities, and consumption establishments.


Strategy, Planning, and Advisory for the Cannabis Industry

  • Budget development

  • Audit process support

  • Online bookkeeping and filing

  • Customized Funder invoicing and reports

  • Interim Online CFO staffing

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